Studio Cottingham

Homesickness, a distaste for prescribed ways of living, and a desire to live closer to the land, leave me wishing for a place to call my own. From early on in my life I’ve dreamt of building my own house. There is a special quality of handmade houses that nurture and care. I am interested in bringing the same of level of craft and care I put into the objects I make into a space that will care for me. Domestic spaces, and the craft traditions that are used within them, serve as the inspiration for my work. I am applying my own vernacular and ideals to creating
a space and cohesive collection of objects. My house and these objects are meant to be used and gain importance through their prolonged use. I am inspired by the spaces I grew up around, so when I couldn’t find the qualities of the home I longed for, I decided to build one myself.